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1. Why should I choose to have custom invitations made compared to ordering invitations out of a catalogue?

The advantage of having a custom wedding invitation made is that it is completely your own. You have the choice of the shape, size, colors and embellishments that will suit your personal style as well as the style of your wedding. A custom invitation gives you the option of creating your own design that is unlike any other wedding invitation. It will be beautiful, elegant, enchanting and uniquely your own: the perfect invitation for your special day.


2. What comes with each invitation?

Each invitation includes the custom invitation created by you, a response card, a response envelope printed with return address, as well as the invitation envelope. Just as every wedding is unique your invitation is as well and you can add more cards for maps, accommodations and reception information as needed. All invitations come completely assembled so all you have to do is label your outer envelopes, add stamps and put in the mail to send to your guests!


3. Are there minimum orders for invitations?

One of the biggest advantages to custom invitations is that they are all handmade which means that you only need to order as many invitations as needed. For example if only 43 invitations are needed you only have to order 43 invitations that way you are not paying for invitations that are not needed.


4. Is it possible to have invitations printed in another language?

Invitations can be printed in any language. You can also have a mix of invitations in different languages. For example, if you need 30 English and 13 French then those can all be made specifically for what you need. You could also add an extra card into your invitation in the other language. The only requirement is that you provide all the translating for the invitations in the alternate language, and then I will set them up similarly to the English ones.


5. Can invitations also be made for destination weddings?

Absolutely! Many brides and grooms that are having a destination wedding will add a tropical feel to their invitations by adding embellishments of palm trees, sea shells, sun or starfish. Since not everyone is always able to go away for your wedding I am also able to make two different invitations for the guests that will be traveling with you as well as one for the guests that will be invited to join you for a reception upon your return. Often brides and grooms having destination weddings will add extra cards to their invitations to give the guests any extra information such as travel information and accommodations while traveling. If daily events are planned while away an extra card can also be made to give your guests all this information.


6. Are you able to also make other forms of wedding stationary so that all the wedding stationary matches?

Menu cards, table numbers, seating charts, thank you cards, place cards, favour tags, save the date cards and anything else that you need for your wedding can be custom made to match the style, colour and design of your wedding invitation. Having the tone of your invitation run throughout your reception will add an elegance to the overall ambiance of your wedding and is a special touch that will be noticed by your guests.


7. Is it possible to have two different invitation layouts or response cards?

If you need more than one layout or response card (for example if you are inviting some people to the ceremony part and some only to the reception) I will happily do this for you. All you have to do is let us know how many invitations you need of each version.


8. Do you only offer wedding invitations?

Since all stationary items are completely custom, other products such as greeting cards, birthday card invitations, baby shower invitations or baby announcements can also be made. The process for these are the same as with wedding invitations where you can choose all the elements to make your stationary for your event completely your own.


9. I love the idea of having custom invitations made. When can we meet to discuss our invitations?

It is important that we meet with enough time to design and assemble your invitations so that they are able to be mailed between 6-8 weeks before the wedding. The sooner we meet the better as the closer it comes to wedding season the busier it gets. I would suggest meeting 6 months before the wedding in order to ensure that you get the invitation of your dreams! Rush orders can also be done although you may have slightly less choice in paper and style, but you will still have absolutely beautiful invitations (the very first set of invitations I made were a rush order and I handed over all the invitations completed in less than 3 weeks and the invitations were beautiful and the bride was completely happy with them).


I hope this answers all your questions but if you have any other ones please do not hesitate to contact me at and I will be happy to answer them for you as soon as possible.


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