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Most clients have found that the pricing of Elegantly Enchanting Invitations is very competitive considering the detail, quality and customization that goes into all of our invitations. Since all of our invitations are created solely for one

particular bride and groom so is the price. All the prices of our invitations are different depending on the type of

paper chosen as well as the extra embellishments.


Elegantly Enchanting can create a custom invitation for the bride and groom of almost any budget. Prices can be raised or lowered by changing the types of paper, the amount of colors as well as the number of embellishments. The costs of the invitations can range anywhere from $4.25 an invitation to $11.00 an invitation depending on the needs, desires, wishes and budget of the bride and groom. All prices include the invitation, the response card, 2 information cards, the reply envelope with your return address and an outside envelope with your return address and your guests addresses printed on the envelope. All you have to do is put them in the outside envelope, stamp them and mail them.


Unlike many tradition invitation companies where you have to buy your invitations by 10’s or 25’s, Elegantly Enchanting can create invitations for any number which helps to keep costs down so that you are not paying for invitations that you do not need. Elegantly Enchanting Invitations have the invitation, the envelope, the response card, response card envelope, and response address printing included in the price so that you are not paying for all these pieces individually. This helps the bride and groom know their final price quickly and easily with no hidden costs.


To give a rough idea of pricing a flat invitation usually ranges from $4.25 an invitaion to $7.00 depending on the details. A folded invitation with ribbon or vellum start at $6.00 an invitation to $8.00 and pocket invitations start at $7.00 an invitation and go to $11.00.


Prices are not listed on the website for the samples because they are actual bride and groom's invitations and just as each invitation is unique and customizable so are their prices.


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